Charlotte City Council member promises to out “hypocritical” anti-gay politicians using Grindr

LaWana Mayfield – Photo: Facebook.

A Charlotte City Council member is receiving blowback from a tweet in which she asked about outing an anti-gay politician if he uses online apps like Grindr to hook up or send explicit photos of himself to other users.

On Sunday, LaWana Mayfield tweeted: “Question for You all. When candidates and those that are extremely judgmental have a @Grindr page with pictures of their private parts should that be fair game? BTW #grindr is a same-sex site #knowwhoyoumaybevoting4.”

Mayfield later told the Charlotte Observer that she wasn’t talking about a specific politician, but was posing a hypothetical situation because she is disturbed when public officials demonstrate hypocrisy by taking one stance on an issue publicly and another in their private lives.

When asked if she knew anyone who has posted pictures of their genitals on Grindr, she said: “Not yet. But if I find out, I will go ahead and expose you. I can’t stand the hypocrisy.”

Mayfield also told the Observer that the question was sparked by the case of former U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, an ardent pro-life advocate who resigned mid-term after he had an affair and demanded that his mistress have an abortion.

Mayfield added that she also dislikes elected officials who “say it’s morally wrong to be in a same-sex relationship, but then they are caught in a bathroom.”

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